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Coastline Health Partners is a boutique professional services firm established by Bill Bucher, an operations-focused financial executive. He has served as CFO for 7 companies throughout a career that spans more than 30 years. Bill has also served as the COO for a large national health care company.

What We Do

We target lower middle market health care companies with revenue between $25 and $100 million. We serve business owners wanting to develop their companies to the next level of growth. Our clients often have strategic objectives that may include M&A activity. By working closely with business owners, we can support them in their efforts to prepare for such transactions. We are committed to developing long-term relationships with our clients. 


M&A Advisory

Clients considering adding external investors or pursing an M&A strategy may benefit from having the professional support of a mentor that has navigated through the process numerous times over a period that spans decades.

Our professionals can effectively navigate clients through the M&A process with financial and strategic buyers such as private equity firms and large corporations. Also, we work effectively with other M&A intermediaries, attorneys, CPA firms, and financial institutions.

Executive-Level Financial and Operational Support

We focus on developing the foundation for achieving organizational effectiveness through people, processes, and technology deployment throughout the business.

We have considerable experience developing high-growth cultures that thrive in an environment of continuous improvement.

By understanding the unique needs of the company as it evolves through various stages of growth, we can help implement improvement initiatives that better position the company for success.

We have resources to provide fractional CFO services for clients needing a higher level of support.



Coastline Health Partners is collaborating with the Pinnacle Pharmacy Group to provide health care merger, and acquisition services to business owners and buyers, including private equity groups.

Pinnacle Pharmacy Group can be reached via email ([email protected]) or phone
(480) 269-2465.

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